Our counselling services

Camden Listening and Counselling Centre (CLCC) provides:

Crisis Listening

Crisis Listening is for anyone in emotional distress or needing to off-load a problem. You can walk in off the street and talk to someone in confidence. CLCC has an “open door” policy, so if you’re in need, please drop in or call us to see if a counsellor is available to listen to you now. 

One-off crisis listening sessions are free.


Counselling offers you the chance to talk to a counsellor one-to-one, in confidence, in a safe environment. They will listen in a non-judgemental way. They will not tell you what to do, but will help you to explore the options open to you. Your sessions with a counsellor will be once a week for 50 minutes.  Initially you will come in for a free assessment and then you will be offered up to 12 sessions.  Further sessions can be requested and may be available depending on client and service needs.

Assessments for counselling are free. On-going weekly sessions will be at a low-cost fee (a minimum payment is required). The amount you contribute will be settled at your first session.  This will depend on the day/time of your appointments and taking your circumstances into account. Each session will need to be paid weekly.

Men's Talking Therapies Initiative

Our most recent service offers a talking therapy space specifically targeted for men.  Here they have the opportunity to explore issues relevant to them such as: relationships, loss, anger, work issues, fatherhood, stress, in a way which allows them to make progress with life's everyday challenges.

We offer a confidential and supportive one-to-one talking space and welcome inquiries from all men over the age of 19 years.

The initial assessment session is free.  Sessions thereafter will be negotiated during the assessment, and start from £15 per week.  Up to 12 weekly, goal focussed sessions are available.

SHASPI counselling

The Self Harm, Addictions and Suicide Prevention Intervention (SHASPI) project was launched in 2003 in reaction to the issues being treated at the Centre and is available throughout the standard opening hours of the centre.

The service is designed to:

--  To provide focused one to one support and counselling to those clients with self harm, including alcohol and substance use and suicide issues in order to provide them access to healthier mind-sets and choices.

--  To establish a referral and access network with other support, counselling and health agencies and working with these clients.

--  To train counsellors in this special area of work.



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